Review: Nanoha FORCE Volumn 4[Limited Edition] + Lily Petit Nendoroid

Behold my first post! I was planning to review Fate’s swimsuit 1/7 figure by ALTER but I guess that could wait. Instead I got myself the 4th volume of the running Nanoha FORCE series. The Limited Edition comes with Lily Strosek’s Petit Nendoroid figure.



So far so good. The box’s quality is lower than that of the usual Petit box, which is understandable. The illustration is appealing and overall a charming boxart.

The box include: The manga, Nanoha MSV special booklet, and Petit Nendoroid Lily.



Now let’s look at the Petit:

First up is the normal stand, which was made up of two clear pieces. On a side note, I love these Petit’s stand. Somehow it feels strong and not as much pain as any normal Nendoroid or even Figma stands.


Next up is the special stand to hold our Lily in place.


Then of course, the Petit.


PhotobucketShe comes with a second set of hand for use when you hold her up on the special base. Her dress is made up of a good quality rubber, so you probably won’t tear it apart or have any problem changing it.



With these variety of accessories, you can pose her in her loose dress with her hands down or hang her up naked on the stand. Either way, you won’t regret buying this kit.




Keep in mind though that her arms can and will fall off pretty easily.


That’s pretty much it for this kit. To summarize this post:

Painting: Aside from certain shading on the hair(which isn’t a big deal), the painting is awesome. Her eyes accurately represent Lily, and also her skin tone. For something this size, it’s beautiful. 4.9/5

Accessories: I have to say, she does have quite a bit of playability, considering her size. The two bases offered four different ways to pose this Petit. Her removable dress is neat, and so is the two different sets of arm. 5/5

Other Thoughts: The truth is, this kit is actually quite costly. Sure it comes with a manga , booklet, and other bonuses but for someone who only wanted the Petit…It could be a tough choice. Then again getting this in Japan should be relatively cheaper.

Closing Comments: If you are or was a fan of the Nanoha franchise, I did say get this. It’s worth it collecting all these cute Petits.


2 comments on “Review: Nanoha FORCE Volumn 4[Limited Edition] + Lily Petit Nendoroid

  1. Ake2324 says:

    Nice review man, I should find time to read FORCE soon.

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