Review: Fate Testarossa Swim Suit Ver. ALTER — Nanoha Series Merchandise

Finally it has arrived. I have been waiting for this kit anxiously since last year(when was it announced?).

This is Fate Testarossa’s newest Figure in a beautiful 1/7 scale. Features Fate in her delicious white swimsuit. Feel the wind with her gorgeous hair and the lovely smile. This Figure is going straight on top of my shelf.



First up is the amazingly detailed manual.


PhotobucketThe base is neat, I love the soft yellow on it.


Random shots:


Painting: Painting is fabulously done. The color tone on her hair is as close as you can get to perfect. Bardiche is shinning gold creating semi-reflecting effect. Her skin tone and swimsuit is gorgeous. You did not disappoint Alter. 5/5

Design: It’s Fate. That’s all I have to say, she’s perfect.

…Okay, fanboyism aside. Some might say her pose is awkward, I disagree. She looks perfectly natural and this showcases all her pretty features. 5/5

Closing Comments: If you love Fate, this Figure is heart breaking to ignore. It might seem I gave in a lot to my fanboyness(might be so), but this Figure really worths the not-so-high price tag. Buy it.

Thanks for reading, till’ next time.

Manufactured by ALTER

Full Gallery Here


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