Review: Nanoha Movie 1st Visual Collection 1st Volumn + Fate Stand Pop

A special, in some way random, review. This is Nanoha MOVIE 1st’s Visual Collection book, which came with Fate’s 70cm stand pop. Unless you’re a fanboy(like me), you wouldn’t really wanna get this. Since it is indeed expensive. Then again why would you ever want a Visual Collection unless you loved the series.

Some shots of the book, you can search for the rest of the pictures online somewhere.

PhotobucketNow for the hightlight, which is a 70cm tall Fate’s swimsuit illustration on a cardboard paper.
PhotobucketSeriously, I don’t have a clue on how to put this together. I wouldn’t know where to put it if I did anyway.

…A kinda random post. Expect more of this!


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