Review: Nendoroid No. 225 Saber Complete File Ver. (Plain Clothe)

I believe the character Saber and the series Fate/Stay Night needs no introduction. This is the Saber that comes with the Nendoroid Complete File holy bible, which you can check out the unboxing of it right here. GSC violently release all the Sabers this year for their 10th Anniversary, and this is most likely the first one you’re gonna get(assuming you pre-ordered every Sabers, which I did).

The Complete File that comes with her is 5000 Yen, while the Nendoroid itself is actually 4000 Yen.

[Due to several circumstances, my lighting equipment(and by “equipment” I mean a desk lamp and a mirror) is unavailable. So I apologize in advance if the images seem a bit crappy]

Box Design




The box is similar to the Saber: Super Movable edition. Of course, with different images and without the SUPER MOVABLE on the front(even though she is actually also Super Movable).

Parts and Accessories


Swords Close-Up

Hand Sets Close-Up

Together with her Super Movable-bility, she also came with a bunch of parts:

  • 3 Faceplates(One attached)
  • 4 Sets of hands(One set attached)
  • Sitting lower part
  • Wooden Sword
  • Excalibur Sword(is that the name?)
  • A lion doll

There are no extra arms or legs, because you don’t actually need them.


Several Joints on Skirt

Base Connects to Back

Several Joints on Arm

Shoulder Joint

Joint on Hair

Movable Hair

As expected, she is SUPER MOVABLE. However, the Super Movable is just for gimmick. All the posing can definitely be done with normal Nendoroid parts, having all these Joints are pretty pointless and just make things a pain.

With that said, it is awesome that they made it SM. I shouldn’t complain.



Wooden Sword

Ready to attack Shirou


My food?

Kawaii~ ^^

Aww~ She’s so cute. It’s a pain to do some of these pose but you will forget about it once it’s done because the cuteness is killing you. One thing I should tell you is that: in the lion doll pose, you actually only just put the lion on her hands. Meaning there’s no connectors or anything technical to hold it. It’s easier than it sounds, so I say don’t worry about it. Just thought I’d tell you.


Posing/Playability: If you’re good with Gunpla, then I believe you won’t have any problems with it. It feels rewarding with you actually get her to do poses similar to the side of the box. There are more than enough accessories to play with. Posing possibilities will only be limited by your imagination.

Painting/Design: Painting has nothing special but beautiful, afterall, this is her plain clothe.

Closing Comments: It is definitely worth it to get this together with the Nendoroid Complete File. So if you are a Nendoroid collector, and still finds this on your local store or online, don’t hesitate to buy it. You can just keep the book and sell the Nendoroid if you, for some odd reasons, dislike Saber.

That’s it, sorry it took a bit long. Thanks for reading, till’ next time!


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