Review: Nendoroid No. 95 Nanoha Takamachi The MOVIE 1st Ver.

A lyrical, magical Nendoroid! ♪

[“Another Nendoroid?” I promise guys, there will be some scaled figures coming soon.]

This is Nendoroid No. 95 Takamachi Nanoha. Since the 2nd A’s MOVIE was premiered in Japan a few days ago and the School Uniform and the 2nd A’s Version was just announced, I figured this would be the right time to publish this review.

The Barrier Jacket design is based on her MOVIE 1st art, which is obviously superior to the TV Series counterpart. That is also the reason why GSC didn’t bother making the TV Series Version and moved right along to this.

Box – Front

Box – Back

Box – Side

Boxart is appealing, blue shades and a pink backdrop is perfect for Nanoha.


Parts and Accessories


Devices Close-Up

Hands and Arms Close-Up

Package includes:

  • Three faceplates (one is attached)
  • 4 Sets of Hands (one set is attached)
  • 2 Sets of Arms (one set is attached) + 1 Extra Right Arm
  • Raising Heart – Device Mode
  • Raising Heart – Canon Mode
  • Yunno in Ferret form

An ideal set for any Nanoha fans indeed. The Nendoroid pretty much does everything she ever did in this form.


Raising Heart – Device Form

Raising Heart’s gem and the gold-ish material is shiny and beautiful. The gorgeous coloring makes up for the lack of effect part that Fate‘s Bardiche has.

Raising Heart – Canon Form

The handle is rotatable.

Canon Form – Separated

The Canon Form is made up of 3 parts, again, much like the Bardiche. Meaning you can rotate the Head and remove the tail to put a hand part in.

Device Form – Separated

I believe you can’t detach the back of the Device Form. Since it doesn’t work for me.


Unlike Fate, you can’t do anything with Nanoha’s hair. It’s not like you would wanna mess with it anyway.


Her eyes are so cute! ^^


Look at all those colors! Her Barrier Jacket coloring definitely resembles a Gundam.  Though I’m not too sure if that’s actually the case. I should also mention that her hand parts mush be attached to her “wristband” first before attaching to her arms.


The Base is connected to her Legs(under skirt). Also if you might notice, it says “Nanoha The MOVIE 1st Project” on it.


You can only move his leg and his head. No changeable parts. Which is a very good thing since nothing will fall off and it could easily stand.


Divine Buster!

It’s a little tricky to pull out this pose. The Handle must be on the “horizontal” side and you need to adjust the hands accordingly…basically just follow the box.

Relaxed Pose

The second set of arms are used for this Pose.

Standard Pose

The standard arms are used for this pose. The Straight arms won’t curve to her body like this.


Posing/Playability: Posing is kinda easier than Fate, or maybe it’s just because I’m getting better at this. Two device forms doesn’t actually offer much posing possibilities. However they are very fun to play with and good-looking.

Painting/Design: As I have mentioned many times. This kit is amazing neat in terms of color. From the boxart, to her Device, to her Barrier Jacket.

Closing Comments: Her two Device Forms are already enough for my money. They nailed the Painting and Design category very well. The looks should come first of you’re looking to get Nanoha. If you’re more of a Photoshoot type, then you might wanna wait for her School Uniform Version.

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha is one of my favorite franchise, all time. So I’m really looking forward to the 2nd A’s Film(when it hits the DVD/Blu-Ray), and also the upcoming Nendoroids and Figures. Without a doubt, I’ll encourage you to get this Nendoroid. However, she is pretty pricey if you’re living oversea. Therefore do consider it properly.

Thanks for reading! ^^


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