Review: Fate Testarossa 1/7 -Casual Wear- ALTER

[finally a scaled figure!]

ALTER’s version of Loli-Fate Casual Wear! This kit was released on February of 2011. She’s 1/7 Scale which is around 190mm in height. My beloved loli-Fate in her Casual Wear based on her MOVIE 1st Art. Can it get any better than that? Well yes. She also comes with Bardiche in it’s Device Form to hold on too!

[no light equipment, crappy images, etc etc]

Box and Package

Fate has a cool and neat box, which of course fits her character. ALTER logo, the text, and the color all worked out quite well. Though I wouldn’t mind a more “cute” look to it.


Bardiche has a metallic black-blue coloring. The gold gem on the middle is shiny and it looks great. Overall, really beautiful. Can’t wait to see Fate holding it!


ALTER never disappoint you with their Figure quality. To start off, her clothe is really good looking. The detail, the ribbons, all great. Her hair looks like they were right off from the illustrations. The color shading are gorgeous and very natural. Lastly, Fate’s face is incredibly cute. Combine all these aspects and you have yourself a perfect 3D Fate Testarossa.

The Base has the same text from the front of the box. Also just like her hair tie, Fate’s shoe are also metallic colored with beautiful red laces.

Fate’s perfect legs were also brought out really well.

I’m really happy with how they handle her eyes. I always loved her eyes and expressions from the anime, it might even be the whole reason I loved her character. Hats off to ALTER for this particular detail.


Her pantsu is white, of course. ^^

Now then let’s get to the highlight.

Bardiche Attached

You slide in the device just like the Nendoroids. Though this is definitely easier.

There you go, my perfect heroine.

She has a kind of “flow” on her pose. As if a chilly wind is blowing by her. Fate’s proportion is flawless, except her bust size(since she’s a loli, of course, bust size doesn’t matter anyway).

Bardiche is long and really cool. The gold and the black fits together really well.


Painting/Design: Overall really well polished. From Bardiche to her shoes to her hair to her face. Every beauty of Fate are brought out really well. Her perfect body, her eyes, her hair.

Closing Comments: ALTER’s figure are without a doubt, top of the market. If you love Fate, you won’t be disappointed. Do keep in my mind that, although she is 1/7, she’s still fairly small. I’d say the same size as an average 1/8 Figure.

I want to say that this review was kinda rushed. The images and all was pretty crappy. So I would like to apologize.

Even so, Thanks for reading!


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