Nendoroid Giveaway Competition by ANIME Circle

Our buddy ANIME Circle is planning a Nendoroid giveaway contest and needed a place to post. So we figured why not here?

Nendoroid Giveaway Contest

Thanks Figure-Nyan~ for the space to post!

To celebrate the start of this page, we have decided to run a little competition and giveaway a Nendoroid as a prize!

The rules are simple:

  1. Click “Like” on ANIME Circle’s page.
  2. Following the page link, there should be a pinned post on the top of the page with content similar to this.
  3. It’s optional, but we strongly encourage you to share this post or the post on our page!
  4. In the comment section of that post on facebook,  answer the following questions:
  • Which anime or video game character do you want to be made into a Nendoroid? Or are there any “version” of a character, already on Nendoroid form, you wanted? Why?
  • Look at our Cover photo. If you design it yourself, would you replace any of the character with someone?

Everyone can answer only once. Winner will be announce on August 10th, Bangkok Time. The prize Nendoroid will be kept secret until it reaches the winner’s hand.

Please direct any questions toward one of our admin, or the comment section below:


ANIME Circle’s Page:

We hope you had fun brainstorming, stay tuned to ANIME Circle’s page for possible future giveaways!


Nendoroid Insane Black Rock Shooter Previewed by Mikatan!

5 Days till’ WonFes!

This is the Nendoroid Insane BRS that is going to be on sale at WonFes together with Nendoroid Nanoha & Fate Set. She’s gonna come with various hand parts and apparently she’ll also have a bunch of joints(though not as much as ‘Edition’ Nendoroids).
You can get her several ways:

■ 07/29 : WonFes’s Wonhobby Booth
Number Available: 3000. Max two per person. Stock is limited!

■ 07/29~ : Web Sales
You’ll be able to order them online for a week from the 29th July! All figures will be made to order and are planned to be delivered in November.

■ 07/29 : GSC & Karaoke no Tetsujin Cafe Akihabara
Number Available: 200. They will be on sale from 11:00 at the Akihabara cafe on the 29th July. Max one per person. Stock is limited!

■ 07/29 : GSC & Karaoke no Tetsujin Cafe Taipei
Number Available: 300. For more information please check the official facebook page of the cafe! Max two per person. Stock is limited.

via Mikatan

Nendoroid Hunter: Male Swordsman – Lagia X Edition Previewed by Mikatan!

Based on the Nintendo 3DS’ Monster Hunter 3G. It seems he won’t have any changeable faceplate, but he does have a badass sword AND he will be Super Movable. Check out Mikatan’s blog for more info and images. Do keep in mind that the monster won’t be included in the package. ^^

Via Mikatan