Review: Nendoroid No. 174 Madoka Kaname

Can’t I just say that I want to become one…?

Nendoroid No. 174 Madoka Kaname was released in August of 2011 closely following the conclusion of the TV Series. Puella Magi Madoka Magica was an amazing show. The cute art fools you to expect “Mahou Shoujo”-ish experience but instead it was just…wow. Anyway, before I spoil the series for you, let’s just check out the Nendoroid.

This is the normal version which is her Magical Girl costume.

Box – Front

Box – Back

Box – Side

Boxart is kinda dark-looking pink. It’s cute and fits the character. It could be better though, but I don’t really know what to change.



Kyubey Pieces

Yeah, Kyubey is impressively movable. Compared to, say, the Palm-top Tiger with the Taiga Nendoroid. He has two bodies: One is his normal body and one that hangs on Madoka’s arm. Looks cool, but trust me, standing this little bastard is friggin’ hard. Not to mention those two rings on his ears are removable, which means it will keep falling off.


Aside from her standard smiling face, she has her Focus(Godoka) face and her “Drawing” face.

Alternative Ribbons

Her other ribbons get their own plastic box.





The base connects to her back. Her costume is colorful and accurate.

“Drawing” Face

The other ribbons are meant to be with this face. The only difference is that this one has longer tail. It is cuter, so I’ll just leave this on.

Hanging Kyubey

It is seriously hard to hang Kyubey without having those rings on his ear falling off.

Posing: Posing is hard, yes, even harder than Fate’s. She isn’t exactly movable like Fate so acting out these poses require patient. She isn’t meant to be play around with too much. As mentioned above, Kyubey just sucks. Leave him alone in the box would be best.

Painting/Design: Painting is accurate and overall pretty neat. The shading on her hair is natural and the flower on her bow is cool.

Accessories: Madoka has handful of accessories. Three difference expressions, various of hands/arms, two sets of ribbons, and her Bow. Honestly, the two sets of ribbons and the “Drawing” face was kinda weird. I can’t help but feel like they should have put in something else. I guess having the School Uniform version should make up for that.

Oh, try not to get confuse and mess up her hands/arms.

Closing Comments: To be fair, Madoka’s magical girl form didn’t really have all that many features to begin with. But this Nendoroid force out alot of posing  and gave you as many accessories to play as possible. If you’re a fan of Madoka, or you just loved her looks,  you won’t regret getting this.


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