Review: Fate Testarossa 1/7 -Casual Wear- ALTER

[finally a scaled figure!]

ALTER’s version of Loli-Fate Casual Wear! This kit was released on February of 2011. She’s 1/7 Scale which is around 190mm in height. My beloved loli-Fate in her Casual Wear based on her MOVIE 1st Art. Can it get any better than that? Well yes. She also comes with Bardiche in it’s Device Form to hold on too!

[no light equipment, crappy images, etc etc]

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Review: Nendoroid No. 95 Nanoha Takamachi The MOVIE 1st Ver.

A lyrical, magical Nendoroid! ♪

[“Another Nendoroid?” I promise guys, there will be some scaled figures coming soon.]

This is Nendoroid No. 95 Takamachi Nanoha. Since the 2nd A’s MOVIE was premiered in Japan a few days ago and the School Uniform and the 2nd A’s Version was just announced, I figured this would be the right time to publish this review.

The Barrier Jacket design is based on her MOVIE 1st art, which is obviously superior to the TV Series counterpart. That is also the reason why GSC didn’t bother making the TV Series Version and moved right along to this.

Review: Nendoroid No. 225 Saber Complete File Ver. (Plain Clothe)

I believe the character Saber and the series Fate/Stay Night needs no introduction. This is the Saber that comes with the Nendoroid Complete File holy bible, which you can check out the unboxing of it right here. GSC violently release all the Sabers this year for their 10th Anniversary, and this is most likely the first one you’re gonna get(assuming you pre-ordered every Sabers, which I did).

The Complete File that comes with her is 5000 Yen, while the Nendoroid itself is actually 4000 Yen.

[Due to several circumstances, my lighting equipment(and by “equipment” I mean a desk lamp and a mirror) is unavailable. So I apologize in advance if the images seem a bit crappy]

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Unboxing: Nendoroid Complete File

A little quick overview and what you’ll get. Nendoroid Complete File is basically a cute album featuring all the Nendoroids released so far, with details and everything. Of course, Nendoroid No. 225 Saber Complete File Edition Ver. or Saber Plain Clothe is included.

Look forward to this weekend for Saber’s review!

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Review: Nendoroid No. 174 Madoka Kaname

Can’t I just say that I want to become one…?

Nendoroid No. 174 Madoka Kaname was released in August of 2011 closely following the conclusion of the TV Series. Puella Magi Madoka Magica was an amazing show. The cute art fools you to expect “Mahou Shoujo”-ish experience but instead it was just…wow. Anyway, before I spoil the series for you, let’s just check out the Nendoroid.

This is the normal version which is her Magical Girl costume.

Review: Nendoroid No.185a Taiga Aisaka

The anime Toradora! finished it’s run several years ago. Leaving a positive feedback and a fairly large fanbase. A follow-up to that, is an un-aired bonus episode bundled with the Blu-ray Boxset which came out only a few months ago. Good Smile Company took this chance and announced the Nendoroid-counterpart of Taiga, Palm-top Tiger, the main protagonist. Featuring her full-Tsundere expressions as she’s really to smack Ryuji!

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Review: Nendoroid No. 99 Fate Testarossa MOVIE 1st Ver. — Nanoha The MOVIE 1st Merchandise

A little Fate vintage good, to celebrate my 50th post…

Fate-Chan is one of my all time favorite Anime character. She’s just…way too cute. You have to admit, the only reason Nanoha succeeded was because of Fate. Sorry for the lazy review though, still I hope you enjoy.

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